The 420 s.m. veranda surrounding the Villa, is a major asset, as during summer months most activities of family and guests, take place outdoors. The front part just outside the living room French windows, offers an panoramic view of the Corinthian Bay and is equipped with patio furniture, sofas, couches, tables and chairs, while it is protected from the sun by a sliding tent . One can enjoy the view from a lower level small veranda, inlaid with white pebbles, where a big pine tree offers it’s shadow and coolness.

The west part of the veranda is suitable for serving meals as it is adjacent to the kitchen. A wooden pergola provides shade from the sun and the big table and chairs are suitable for eating as well as playing board games and cards.

The east side, just outside the 3 bedrooms, is overlooking the garden, planted with bushes and trees while in the distance, one can see the Gerania mountains, renowned for their water springs and monasteries. A sliding tent protects from the sun and a portable table tennis provides outdoor activities.

The entrance to the house faces north, where the private road leading from the gate to the villa, crosses the olive grove, the terrain of cypress trees and oleander bushes.

The whole area is lighted with an option of dimmer-switches that will allow the enjoyment of the starry sky accompanied by the continuous sound of the sea bellow.